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Roseland NYC 6/9/07

Saw the Deftones at Roseland last night. Overall a great show. Don't remember the exact setlist but it was mostly older stuff with a little bit of SNW thrown in every once in a while. They did Passenger which is always a treat. Also for the first time in the 10 or so times I've seen them I finally got to see them do a Weezer cover! They did all of Say It Ain't so in the middle of 7 Words.

If you're seeing a show this tour I'd recommend getting there in time to see Die En Grey. We came in about halfway through their set but I was pretty impressed and picked up both their CDs.
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didn't chino start singing sexy back in the middle of around the fur or another song at least? i wasn't sure if they did or not but i think so.

i'm sore too and i have some bruises on my face. great show is right!
I didn't really recognize the song but I think was a couple lines or something in the middle of Around the Fur
yeah he did. they did sexyback. i've heard that they did it a couple of times. i thought it was hilarious.

i think everyone that was there got their asses kicked. i felt like a sardine but i still had a great time.
I got my ass kicked but I went in the pit lol.
yeah one of my friends, who's pushing 40, kept jumping in. i bet he's feeling it today. lol!!
LOL. I'm 5'4 and female and sure as hell felt it yesterday and today.