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7 Words' Journal
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Friday, September 9th, 2011
11:49 pm
Have you seen the butcher
This place is fucking dead.. So, whoever is still here, I leave this for you.

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Monday, October 18th, 2010
2:08 pm
10 Chino Icons
Hi all. I've just posted a batch of random icons, which includes 10 Chino icons. Thought I'd crosspost them here if anyone's interested:


Come see inside my bones.

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Saturday, July 25th, 2009
6:44 am
xposted to deftonesworld

This community seems to be almost dead, COME ON GUYS!

Don't forget to donate to ONELOVEFORCHI.COM !

I have made a post in my personal LJ pertaining to Chi's condition, with a video of an interview with Chi Cheng back in 2007.

Link is here:


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Saturday, October 11th, 2008
8:52 pm

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Sunday, June 1st, 2008
9:00 am
Looking for Rare Music?
Hey guys,
So, I'm posting this to all communities that I think would be interested. If you're looking for rare albums and such, check out this page: http://www.allrespect.com/collection_search.php?biggest
There's a search box on the right side. You can type in a band name or album name that you're looking for.

It's kinda hit or miss, depending on what you're looking for, but I did some searches with very positive results. For instance, if you're a Foo Fighters fan, I found all these albums:
In Your Honor - Owned by 3 members
One by One - Owned by 3 members
The Colour And The Shape - Owned by 2 members
There Is Nothing Left to Lose - Owned by 2 members
Foo Fighters - Owned by 2 members
Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace - Owned by 2 members
Skin and Bones - Owned by 2 members
We Will Rock You - Owned by 1 members
U.F.O.O. Ecstasy - Owned by 1 members
Brain Damage - Owned by 1 members
Five Songs and a Cover - Owned by 1 members
Echoes Silence Patience & Grace - Owned by 1 members
Skin & Bones - Owned by 1 members
Late!Pocketwatch - Owned by 1 members
With Compliments to Eddie - Owned by 1 members

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Saturday, March 15th, 2008
8:58 pm
tEAm slEAp
what do your think about tEAm slEAp?

i think - must have.

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Monday, February 11th, 2008
12:40 pm
Moose & Squirrel
 [01-16] Pitch Black
[17-30] Chino Moreno
[31-46] The X-Files


The rest
HERE @ Seduce A Stranger.

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Sunday, January 20th, 2008
3:30 pm
Deftones fandom help
Hello, I run Fan History, a fandom wiki dedicated to writing and preserving the history of fandom. There is an article about the Deftones fandom that could use some help from people inside the fandom. :) While it is easy to get things like when communities were started and when canon was released, it is much harder to put that information into context, find out about fandom fighting, who the big name fans are and what people are doing at conventions and on the more remote parts of the Internet. Any help in editing the article would be much appreciated. :) If you don't feel comfortable editing the Deftones article, please pass the link along to anyone you think might be able to. :) The more people who contribute to the article, the more accurate and useful it will be.

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Sunday, December 9th, 2007
9:56 pm
The Boy's Republic
After all these years, I've still never heard the song. Anyone have an mp3?

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Saturday, November 24th, 2007
7:10 pm
Rock Music Community Open to Public
I was invited to this rock music community a while back. At the time, the site was by invite only, but it's now open for anyone to sign up. Here's the site: http://www.allrespect.com/

It's pretty cool and let's you find other people who share your same taste in music. You can also get music news and find others going to the same concert shows. You can even add a little form to your LJ page to compare your visitor's taste in music with your own. I got one on my LJ if you wanna see.

Anyway, I'm rambling... just thought I'd share this with the community! Later.

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Friday, November 2nd, 2007
9:55 pm

anyone who went to the concert...i am so jealous.

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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007
9:44 am

i'm looking for Deftones - Change [halloween remix]
i srsly cant find it anywhere

if any of you can hook it up...that would make my halloween 10x better


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Monday, September 3rd, 2007
5:54 pm
Go to Concerts?
Another update for what is becoming one of my frequented sites, www.AllRespect.com. They recently added a new Concerts feature. The idea is for you to find other concert goers who are attending the same concerts and then share videos, mp3s, photos, etc. from that show.

The feature is not really being used, but I think it's a good idea, so I'm helping spread the word here. Anywhere, there are still some more invites left to join the new music community. Here's the link:

Enjoy, folks.

Current Mood: mischievous

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Wednesday, August 15th, 2007
8:40 pm
bold = have
unbold = i want

yes i stole this list from Danny & than added on. please let me know if you have any of the songs i dont, if i missed any or if i made any errors.


Deftones Songs / Deftones Members Collaborations
7 Words Adrenaline
7 Words Like Linus
Anniversary of An Uninteresting Event Deftones
Answers Like Linus
Around The Fur Around the Fur
Ashamed Chino feat. Tommy Lee
Back To School (mini maggit) White Pony
Battle-Axe Deftones
Bender Chino Feat. Sevendust
Be Quiet and Drive (far away) Around the Fur
Beware Saturday Night Wrist
Birthmark Adrenaline
Black Moon Feat B-Real Bsides And Rarites
Bloody Cape Deftones

Bong Hit Around the Fur
Bored Adrenaline
Bumble D Demo

Butt Booty Naked Demo
Can't Even Breathe Single
Cold Demo
Change (in the house of flies) White Pony
Cherry Waves Acoustic
Cherry Waves Saturday Night Wrist
Christmas Like Linus

CIA Is Tryin To Kill Me Stef feat. Non-Phixion
Combat Saturday Night Wrist
Crankslut Abe feat. DayCare
Crenshaw Single
Dai The Flu Around the Fur
Damone Around the Fur

Dangergirl Chino feat. Tinfed
Deathblow Deftones
Digtial Bath Acoustic
Digital Bath White Pony
Do They Know It's Christmas? Demo

Dope Demo
Elite White Pony
Engine #9 Adrenaline
Engine #9 (version 1) Like Linus
Engine #9 (version 2) Like Linus
Feiticeira White Pony
Fireal Adrenaline
First Commandment Chino feat. Soulfly
Fist Adrenaline
Fuck You I Hope You Die Single
Freaks Like Linus
Gods Hands (a.k.a. "Quirk") Like linus
Good Morning Beautiful Deftones
Guest (a.k.a. "Gift") Like Linus
Headup Around the Fur
Hexagram Deftones
Hogburg Hop Demo
Hole In The Earth Saturday Night Wrist
Hump Like Linus
I'll Throw Rocks At You Single
Kimdracula Saturday Night Wrist
Knife Prty Acoustic
Knife Prty White Pony
Korea White Pony
Lhabia Around the Fur
Lifter Adrenaline
Like Linus (version 1) Like Linus
Like Linus (verson 2) Like Linus
Lotion Around the Fur
Lovers Single
Lucky You Deftones
Mascara Around the Fur
Mein Saturday Night Wrist
Minerva Deftones
Minus Blindfold Adrenaline
Moana Deftones
My Own Summer (shove it) Around the Fur
My Own Summer (shove it) remix by Nine Inch Nails
Mx Around the Fur
Needles and Pins Deftones
Nosebleed Adrenaline

Oraled Demo
One Weak Adrenaline
Pain Chino feat. Soulfly
Passenger White Pony
Pink Cellphone Saturday Night Wrist
Pink Maggit White Pony
Pink Maggit (rap version) Demo
Plastic (a.k.a. "Play") Like Linus
Rapture Saturday Night Wrist
Rats! Rats! Rats! Saturday Night Wrist
Root Adrenaline
Root (version 1) Like Linus
Rickets Around the Fur
Rivière Saturday Night Wrist
Rizzo Stef feat. Chimaira
Rock Superstar Chino feat. Cypress Hill
Rx Queen White Pony
Some People Like Linus
Space Cowboy Feat. Adam Sandler
Street Carp White Pony
Teenager White Pony
Teething Like Linus
The Boys Republic White Pony

The Vegetable Song Demo
Things Chino feat. Hesher
Unknown #1 Demo
Unknown #2 Demo
U, U, D, D, L, R, L, R, A, B, Select, Start Saturday Night Wrist
Venison Like Linus
When Girls Telephone Boys Deftones
Wicked Chino feat. Korn
Will To Die Chino feat. Strife
Xerces Saturday Night Wrist
Zombie Eaters feat. Ill Nino

Live / Studio Covers
1999 Limp Bizkit
Backstreet's Back Backstreet Boys
Cat Scratch Fever Ted Nugent

Clint Eastwood Gorillaz
Twist of Cain Danzig
Dead Skin Mask Slayer
Drive The Cars
El Scorcho Weezer
Everlong Foo Fighters

For Whom the Bell Tolls Metallica
Freebird Lynard Skynard
Great Expectations Jurassic 5
Hash Pipe Weezer
Holiday Weezer
I Bad Brains
I Against I Bad Brains
If Only Tonight We Could Sleep The Cure
In Da Club 50 Cent
I'm Easy The Commodores
I Want Milk S.O.D.
In The Garage Weezer
Jealous Guy John Lennon
Joker Steve Miller Band
Keep on Lovin You REO Speedwagon
Kill You Eminem

Music Madonna
Never Let Me Down Again Depeche Mode
Nightboat Duran Duran

Nookie Limp Bizkit
No Ordinary Love Sade
Please Let Me Get What I Want The Smiths

Raining Blood Slayer
Right Brigade Bad Brains
Route 66 Depeche Mode
Run to the Hills Iron Maiden
Savory Jawbox
Say it ain't so Weezer
Simple Man Lynyrd Skynyrd
Sinatra Helmet
Sleep Walk Santo & Johnny
Spasmolytic Skinny Puppy

Sly We Fly Kool Keith
Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others The Smiths
South of Heaven Slayer
Subliminal Suicidal Tendencies
Sweetest Perfection Depeche Mode

Sweater Song Weezer
Teclo PJ Harvey
The World Has Turned... Weezer
Tired of Sex Weezer
Territory Sepultura
The Chauffeur Duran Duran
To Have And To Hold Depeche Mode
Wax And Wane Cocteau Twins

We're Not Gonna Take It Twisted Sister

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Saturday, July 7th, 2007
1:28 am

Current Mood: awake

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Tuesday, June 26th, 2007
2:12 pm
Deftones Iconz.

Hey. Made a few icons, thought I'd share. There's 6 in total. Feel free to snag.


1. 2.

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Wednesday, June 20th, 2007
6:01 am


Current Mood: awake

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Sunday, June 10th, 2007
11:47 am
Roseland NYC 6/9/07
Saw the Deftones at Roseland last night. Overall a great show. Don't remember the exact setlist but it was mostly older stuff with a little bit of SNW thrown in every once in a while. They did Passenger which is always a treat. Also for the first time in the 10 or so times I've seen them I finally got to see them do a Weezer cover! They did all of Say It Ain't so in the middle of 7 Words.

If you're seeing a show this tour I'd recommend getting there in time to see Die En Grey. We came in about halfway through their set but I was pretty impressed and picked up both their CDs.

Current Mood: sore

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Sunday, June 3rd, 2007
10:11 pm

Please comment if you're interested and the price you're willing to pay. (Must be at least the same as what I paid + fees).

Thank you!

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12:26 am
I'm still wired
Just got back from the Deftones show at the Electric Factory in Philly. OMG!! What a great time! I want to go again, but this time I'm going to find a safer place to start out the show in. I was right up front in the beginning and got my ass kicked. I lasted a couple of songs before I realized that being 35 with no insurance and clearly not invincible were all good reasons for me to find a safe place to watch from. It was a great time though.

That is all.

x-posted in various places.

Current Mood: satisfied

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