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Congratulations, you've found
community for Deftones fans! It is an ever growing meeting place for fans of
band. It is the community that live journal needs.

This is the community to post the pictures, ask and answer questions, share those great links, tell us about the concert you've just just come home from, tell us about you! Whatever! Just share your love with fellow friends.

This community is pretty basic. Ideas and help improving it will be greatly appreciated and I hope this community grows and grows. Suggestions for further interests to be added to the list are also very welcome.

A word of advice to all members after they have joined by clicking above is to

add us to your friends list

either by clicking on the "monitor community" button on the top of the user page OR adding us as you would another lj user. This means when new info, pics, cool links, concert dates etc are posted you get them straight away. When questions are asked or someone answers your query, then you get it straight away, making you a more active member of the community.

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